ICU University

The Inheritance Changers University is a subsidiary of Inheritance Changers Inc. Its core functions are coaching, training solutions, leadership development, publications, and orations for meetings, dinners, and conferences. Our mission is to guide, to educate, to inspire, and to help those who desire a better way of life in business and personal. This is accomplished through a detailed and deliberate process. This process not only takes the past in to account but also allows you to focus on the future while maneuvering in the present ebbs and flows of live. Inheritance Changers, Inc. prides itself on its ability on being able to take your business or personal life to the next level while securing you the results that you desire.

The Vision

The vision of Inheritance Changers University (ICU) is to offer state of the art training and coaching to businesses and individuals. Our focus is on the areas of finance, business, technology, and personal improvement. Our demographics are businesses from start-up to well established and individuals from the ages of 6 and up. It is our goal to offer these services in a class room environment but also to implement real world applications.

The Mission

It is the mission of ICU to teach, coach and bring understanding of financial, business, technology, and soft skills to individuals and companies. It is our mission to make our students recession proof because they will build their personal lives and business culture around strong fundamental principles that will help insulate them from cad strophic events.

The Overview

Inheritance Changers University is set-up in the college curriculum platform with a part co-op mentality. This is meaning that a student may get on a track to accomplish a particular path or they may take courses in an elective type of format. They will also get real life and job skills that can be used instantly so that they will receive immediate results. The curriculum will be catered to fulfill the needs of the different parts of our demographics this targeting will allow our organization to teach vital core principles to the student on their level of understanding. Not only will ICU create this curriculum but ICU will also keep it updated and in tune with new concepts and systems of some of our times greatest new discoveries in finance and business. No matter if you are six or sixty we will be able to educate and coach you to your desired outcome. At ICU we believe if you change one person’s paradigm then you will change the understanding and the outcome of their future generations. In order to meet this challenge head on we are constantly adding team members with a wide array of skills and talents to keep us at the tip of the sword when it comes to coaching and educating.

In the ICU classes and curriculum we provide students and businesses with the opportunity to attend day workshops, three day classes, week classes or enroll in a course of classes. This method will allow those we serve to get the most out of what we are offering. Our full intent is to be able to reach our students and clients right were they are and to give them the tools and the capabilities to advance in business, personal finances, job skills, and personal skills.

ICU understands that in order to deliver an in depth quality and comprehensive coaching and training environment; our certified ICU trainers and coaches must be able to facilitate the requirement s of this program. ICU takes a personal investment into the quality and the success of the individuals and companies it trains, therefore our clients businesses becomes our business. In order to have the right personal for this endeavor ICU will require an initial consultation in order to align our common vision and goals, while also acquiring the dynamics of the scope of work expected to be delivered. During this initial meeting ICU would like to obtain specific demographics and quantities of the students. This meeting will then give ICU the ability to adjust on the static items needed to serve the multitude and also to hone in on the scheduling of our trainers and coaches. This meeting will also give ICU the ability to build the synergy needed with our collaborative partners in order for our program to run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

ICU has a certification process in order to insure that the material being taught is the actual information deemed correct for our organization. All information and curriculum will be copyrighted by ICU, in order to cultivate the atmosphere of knowledge sharing both organizations will sign a non compete clause in order to foster more shared programs, If an opportunity is to arise with the information being devised for this project that is in competition then require a meeting of the two organizations and minutes of that meeting be filed and agreed upon from both members.

No instructor or coach shall teach, train, or coach ICU’s material without going through the ICU’s certification process and being properly certified. This process also requires ICU to run a background check on all applicants due to the fact that it may be contact with minors.

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