About Us

Inheritance Changers, Inc. (IC) is a Christian Life Coaching organization that specializes in getting detailed measurable results in the areas of business and personal life. Its core functions are coaching, training solutions, leadership development, publications, and professional speaking.

Our Vision

Our vision here at  Inheritance Changers, Inc to be able to impact each and every individual, household, neighborhood, and business by equipping  each willing participant with the knowledge not to only achieved their goals but also to have a lasting impression to the ones in which they will later encounter in life.

Our Mission

Our mission is to guide, to educate, to inspire, and to help those who desire a better way of life in their business and personal lives.  This is accomplished through a detailed and deliberate process that will not only take the past in to account but will also allow you to focus on the future while maneuvering in the present ebbs and flows of life.

Inheritance Changers, Inc. prides itself on its ability  of taking  your business or personal life to the next level while getting you the results that you desire. You will have a measurable and productive plan which will allow you to focus on your core objectives in the right sequence.

Our Process

Some may ask, what exactly does Inheritance Changers, Inc (IC) or (ICU) do?   We  believe that is a fair and straight question, which deserves a fair and straight answer.  Our coaching practice stems around a few core principles which are as follows:

  • First, we communicate with our clients to get an understanding of their needs, goals and dreams.
  • Next, we take an evaluation of exactly where our clients are in reference to where they want to be.
  • Thirdly, we create a curriculum to achieve the agreed upon goals set by the client and confirmed by ICU.
  • The coaching then proceeds, in order to follow the curriculum and pursue the desired outcomes.  This step is filled with coaching, researching, measurements and more.  During this stage you as a client will experience growth and understanding.
  • The final evaluation and litmus test is to see if you as a client has obtained your desired results.